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5 Reasons Why Oracle NetSuite will still be the Market Leader in 2020

Oracle-NetSuite is a cloud based software system that enables you to streamline and extend your business processes. In real-time, our customers can manage their entire business anywhere anytime with internet connection and just a single sign on. Oracle NetSuite is the No.1 cloud-based business ERP system. Here are the five reasons why we think NetSuite will also remain the market leader in 2020!

1.It's built for the modern business

Cloud-based, mobile-enabled, user-friendly–these are important criteria for modern business, and they are exactly what Oracle NetSuite offers! The network of your company or your office PC no longer restricts your productivity. NetSuite is ideal for the virtual workplace and always-on-the-go users with access from anywhere, at any time!

NetSuite is also highly scalable, supporting multiple currencies and compliances, making it the obvious choice for any company that wants to grow rapidly and exponentially!

2.For each industry, there is a solution

What makes Oracle NetSuite a popular choice among more than 18,000 different organizations – companies, universities, non-profits, government agencies – is its unparalleled versatility. Oracle's NetSuite is highly customizable, and with an effective delivery partner, the implementations can be customized to the unique needs of your company while also fulfilling the specific requirements of your industry. Furthermore, on NetSuite's website, SuiteCloud, you can even create your own application!

3.Oracle NetSuite provides best-in-class features

The variety of applications provided by Oracle NetSuite offers effective solutions with advanced business intelligence and access to real-time insights.

With NetSuite ERP, advanced features and business process streamlining, you can dramatically improve profitability while NetSuite CRM helps you understand your customers and improve your revenue! OpenAirmodule of NetSuite automates your professional services, OneWorldmodule has everything you need to grow your business internationally, and SuiteCommercemodule is a one-stop solution for your eCommerce B2B or B2C business!

4.It is appropriate for all sizes of businesses

Oracle NetSuite is designed for businesses of all sizes, unlike other software solutions built specifically for large or enterprise sized businesses that are often simply out of reach for small and medium-sized businesses!

It helps small businesses unlock their potential with cost-effective solutions designed for long-term growth and innovation. NetSuite enables mid-size businesses to meet their changing business needs and helps companies grow internationally and take their place as market leaders with platforms such as OneWorld.

5.Extensive service, assistance and training are available

The greatest strength of Oracle NetSuite is the large network of partners offering services for delivery, deployment, training, configuration, and optimization, as well as training for new users and 24/7 service and support. Such partners serve as a safety net for users to rely on whenever they need help in troubleshooting or leveraging NetSuite's many features.

Upaya is a 5 Star Awarded Oracle NetSuite partner – with over 13+ years’ experience, we have successfully implemented over 600 NetSuite customers. So, if you're looking to buy, launch, customize, or train your resources to make the most of NetSuite's ocean of features, we're well-equipped to deliver the solutions your business requires.

Overall, Oracle NetSuite with its extensive feature set and flexibility is a proven leader among the plethora of ERP software available in the market.


If you’d like to know learn more about the #1 ERP software, NetSuite and their key features and benefits, please contact us:

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