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3PL UIntegration

Upaya offers a total Supply Chain Management Solution for NetSuite with UPS and Commerce Hub. Push your POs to the outsider for warehouse management and automate acknowledgment, confirmation receipts, and creation of vendor invoices.
3PL handles warehousing, packaging, and storage for many eCommerce, retail, and manufacturing companies. NetSuite on the other hand, helps to manage and deal with inventory, sales order, fulfillment, and procurement. NetSuite 3PL integration facilitates automating 3PL workflows which simplifies POS processes for Warehouse and offers you a flexible solution that is customized to your unique business needs. This integration accurately manage inventory and order data to avoid costly mistakes, eliminate manual processes to save time, and concentrate on delivering orders on time.

Upaya integrates ecommerce 3PLs with a wide range of popular shopping carts and marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and many others.

Value-added services related to the manufacturing or purchasing of products, such as services that incorporate sections of the supply chain, are often included in 3PL Integrated Services, which go beyond logistics.

Upaya's 3PL Integration solutions for NetSuite ERP are excellent for integrating operations. Our solutions let you use your existing shopping carts and ERP systems instead of switching to a new order and inventory management system. Integrated operation is helps to maintain control and visibility over fulfilment centres. Furthermore, Integrated operations will help to empower your team to deal with any complexities that will occur during fulfilment.

Integrations to multiple platforms enable customers to continue working with their current carriers while also providing them with access to a new set of value-adding vendors.

The greatest benefit of using Upaya's 3PL Integration solution for NetSuite ERP is that it takes responsibility for – and control of – all of the logistics operations. From organizational execution to performance reporting, you work with a common source for all details about your distribution operation. From operational execution to performance reporting, you work with a common source for all details about your distribution operation. This saves time and money by not having to coordinate the activities of multiple providers at the same time. Our Technical Services team may assist with personalized customer workflows and connections that require comprehensive software and logistics knowledge.


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